Not Alone is for you. It is a place for you to post and publish your stories for “coming out” as atheists, how that affected you and your peers, and what it means to you. It is a place for others to read, and for others to share with you. It is a safe place, on where no judgements will be made, and no accusations will be laid.

Submission Guidelines

If you have a story you wish to share, you can do so in the form below. Stories can be of any length up to 2000 words (contact me if you wish to submit a longer one), and should be in one of the following formats:

  1. Your story of coming to atheism
  2. The hardships you have encountered in coming out as an atheist, from your community, family or workplace
  3. Your “coming out letter”, or an open letter where you address your concerns about coming out.
  4. A short “snippet”, in the form of an observation or anecdote.

Any other comments or questions can also be left in the form below, but please ensure your email address is correct and current if you want your story published or your comment answered.

Note: It is worthwhile drafting the post in a word-processing program before submission, that way you can review it prior to posting to check for spelling mistakes etc. Then “copy/paste” the submission into the form below once you are satisfied with it.

Please indicate where you are writing from, and whether you wish to remain anonymous.

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