September 2013
September 25 2013: Not Alone Project featured on the Secular World Podcast.

Or download the MP3 here.

September 15 2013: Grundy writes about Not Alone over at his blog Deity Schmeity.
September 2013: Australian Atheist Magazine runs a half-page article for

September 04 2013: PZ Myers wrote a small piece linking back to Not Alone Project on Pharyngula.
September 03 2013: Gamma Atheist linked here from his blog,

August 2013
August 30 2013: Emily Dietle has syndicated her piece at her blog
August 12 2013: Roll to Disbelieve posted a piece at their blog, and a story worth reading.
August 12 2013: Cross-posted over at UKIAH blog.
August 12 2013: Council of Ex Muslims posted a link to the project at their forum.
August 12 2013: Gamma Atheist writes a short exposé of Not Alone over at his blog.
August 11 2013: Jacques Rousseau writes an overview of the project over at Skeptic Ink.
August 8 2013: Dan Arel writes about the fledgeling project over at Emily Has Books.
August 7 2013: Vjack gives the Not Alone project the thumbs up over at Atheist Revolution.
August 7 2013: Paul Fidalgo gives Not Alone a short write-up over at Center for Inquiry.

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