Introducing the “Not Alone” logo.

The “Not Alone” logo represents the thoughts of those who are secretly irreligious, and the feeling of isolation and loneliness associated with this. The “thought bubble” represents the appearance of isolation and thoughts of being alone. But know this: You are NOT alone.

Many people in the world live in situations where even the idea of “atheism” is fraught with hatred and even danger for the non-believer, and it is important for those people to realise that they are not alone in the world.


My hope is to create a place where the non-believers stories can be published, in a completely safe environment, which doesn’t judge its participants in any way. This is an internet “safehouse” for those who fear coming out, an a place to share stories, freedoms and inspirations that atheism allows you. Those who publish their work here have the choice of remaining anonymous, or publishing their names in their articles.

In short, this place is for you.

In time, I hope to expand this project to include partnerships and affiliations with other organisations around the world, and help to work toward a world where projects like this one are no longer needed.