My name is Brandon and I’m a 25 year old humanist. Most of my life I’ve lived scared to truly be myself due to social, family, cultural pressures. Not too long ago I decided it was time to take control of my life as my anxiety issues were getting far to hard for me to handle. One of the first things was to no longer hide my true religious views (basically atheist but refer to myself as non-religious), and then to also no longer hide anxiety issues. I do feel more freedom than I’ve ever had but now I also fear for my future. A large part of my personality is based on open mindedness and freedom of expression, yet I don’t feel that this is possible for me. I long for a life where I can use my knowledge, rare personality, and unique views in their full capacity, and not be subject to group think. I’ve recently been working very hard to be active and network until I land in the right place.

Have you navigated through things like this? Honestly I’ve grown so much yet I’m at a point where I need guidance.