Monthly Archives: January 2014

I know I am a confirmed cynic.

Three of my grand parents died at a younger age than I am now. Both my parents died at a younger age than I am now. My two younger sisters died at a younger age than I am now. All passed on under the care (?) of qualified medical practitioners, at least two of them in monstrous distress, degradation and indignity. Against all such expert practitioners advice, I am the only one of my family who smoked and I have enjoyed the occasional alcoholic drink. As a child I was exposed to the sun ‘as a source of ‘Vitamin D’, as my mother was medically advised, now I have skin cancers and scars galore. I ate eggs because they were ‘good for me’, then was abstained from eggs because of ‘heart attack risk’.

I ate red meat because it was ‘good for me. but am now warned to limit it because of indeterminate ‘health risks’. I am injected every so often with Vitamin B12, and I am told a good source of Vitamin B12 is eggs or red meat. I took ‘Statin’ drugs because they were ‘good for me’, I stopped taking ‘Statins’ as they were ‘useless’, I am now taking ‘Statins’ because they are ‘good for me’ I spent a lot of my work and private life handling Government authorised and promoted asbestos plus many other deadly poisons, fertilisers, fuels and other substances. I survived working in dangerous Government regulated industries such as mining, road transport, electricity generation supply and distribution. In all the fruitless parliamentary discussions I have seen lately there is an insistence that I am not qualified to make a rational or sensible decision about myself. (But of course they will canvas, grovel and accept the vote of an irrational and non-sensible voter.)

Weird thing is that I have obviously made enough rational and sensible decisions to have lasted for the past seventy plus years. This is despite the fact that I have lived constantly hands on with lethally dangerous things such as petrol, electricity, town and bottled gas, motor vehicles, sail and power boats, and a variable medical advice industry, Is it any wonder I have doubts, most of all that if I decide life is not good, I have to seek the acceptance of a committee of total strangers, all younger than me whose results to date in my family is pretty darned poor. Also I wonder at the usurpation of my rights by various religious followers who haven’t woken up to the fact that they are a minority in the truth of our total population.

The discussions I have seen lately are purported to be leading to so called ‘conscience’ votes but seem to lack any form of conscience apart from ‘follow the party line if you want your election funding and assistance.’ All that I want is the right to make my minor choice and decide whether I want to get some simple clean end of life products and/or whether I shall even bother to take them. All that I want is the freedom to choose, and let me carry the can as always. Being a doubting type I can’t help but wonder if it is that filthy four letter word makes these suggested types so heeded.

Sorry, in case you are wondering, the four letter word I had in mind is FEES.