Not Alone #50 – by Jim Marshall

Why am I atheistically inclined ?

During World War 2 my father was serving in the army and I was enrolled, at the age of 5, at the only pre-school available, one run by a sect of the Roman Catholic church.

Family legend told me I had been christened in the Prestbyterian faith. What faith a pre 6 year old has is still beyond me.

At this pre-school my fate was sealed by a simple error by my mother in sending me to ‘kindy’ (short for kindergarten) as we called it, with a meat filled sandwich for mid-morning recess ‘play lunch’, shock/horror, on a FRIDAY. In those days it was considered sinful and wicked or something to eat meat on a Friday. Years later this prohibition was repealed and meat on Friday became religously acceptable. Go figure?

I was dragged out in front of the class, my pants were pulled down, this was in the days before small boys owned underpants and I was beaten, bare backside in front of a mixed class, with a wooden ruler, by a floor length black robed Irish nun. This raised bruises etc I have been told. I was then deported to the adjacent church to repent my sins, damned if I knew how, and to wait till the school session was over. If I recall correctly I was also supposed to ‘confess’, again I did not have a clue.

Needless to say I did not return to pre-school but hung out till the next year when I was old enough to go to the local State Government run non-sectarian school.

At this school we suffered ‘scripture’ every week which was conducted by religious people of the local Protestant faiths. As I remember nearly all of the children had to attend these sessions with the notable exception of a couple of Jewish and Indian sub-continent or something children of wartime refugees. We did so envy them.

Now my uncle was a pastoralist and a former headmaster. He mentioned ‘in-breeding’ on occasion and the perils it caused the stock.

At ‘scripture’ one day the local Presbyterian pastor was carrying on about Adam & Eve and also Noah and the Cain & Abel legend when I covered my juvenile self with glory by questioning the probability of incest and the perils of inbreeding plus the impossibility of a human race, as he made no mention of any available female companions for said boys.

Talk about bringing a tempest down on my, about 10 year old head. I was cast out, never to return, and wound up with the ‘heathens’ in the library to the envy of my mates, most of whom did not have the guts or ignorance to do the same.

To this day I have not seen any reason to back away from my beliefs and adopt these illogical religious stupidities.

  1. wensorian said:

    One should always remember that religion is the opiate of the masses.

    • Jim Marshall said:

      Hey Wensorian I could not agree more, Shame is that so many of our fellow citizens are sunk into the unquestioning addiction fed to them by what I believe are lifestyle (their own that is) enriching characters.

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